Polypodium (phlebodium) aureum ‘Mandaianum’ – Blue Star Fern (Email for availability)

Also known as Blue Star Fern because the fronds are blueish green and silvery! This is a collectors plant, that thrives as a house plant. The sori (spores) that grow underneath the foliage are orange and look super cool against the blueish silver colors. It’s a great plant to take up space in an area, spreading over time or in a pot as a house plant!

Please email us with your zip code for availability. 


This fern needs plenty of indirect light, keep out of direct sunlight. Water once the medium has lightly dried, they like to stay evenly moist, but make sure to not overwater. This is about once a week depending on the amount of sun and air circulation. The medium should be well draining but still able to retain some moisture. The plant enjoys and thrives in low to medium humidity levels. It does expand in the garden, slowly taking up an area. 

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