Polianthes tuberosa ‘Double Flower’ – Tuberose – The Pearl (4″ pot)


This is a very popular tropical bulb that has grass-like leaves and produces spikes of white very fragrant flowers. The aroma intensifies at night. Tuberose are good cut flowers and even used in wedding bouquets and arrangements. Grows great and blooms better in containers. We carry the single and the double blooms.

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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FAMILY : Agavaceae (Agave family!)
ORIGIN : Mexico
MATURE SIZE : clumping plant, 10″ on average, 3′ flower spike
LIGHT REQUIREMENTSfull sun to partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS : average, keep on the dry side when dormant
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s
FLOWER : late summer and fall/ super fragrant at night / can be used as cut flowers

Tuberose are bulbs from Mexico that produce short grassy looking leaves and spikes of white very fragrant flowers. Only the mature bulbs will bloom. They reproduce fast and with time clumps will have several mature bulbs capable of blooming. The flowers appear primly during late summer to fall. In warmer places flowers can appear anytime from spring through fall. The flowers have a mild fragrance during the day and a strong fragrance at night. Tuberose are good cut flowers and they are available in a single or double form. They grow in full to partial sun with average water during the warmer months and a little drier during the winter when the bulbs go dormant. They can be planted in the garden in tropical locations, but have to be potted and protected during the winter in colder places. Tuberose can remain outside in places with light freezes if well mulched.
For us they bloom better when grown in containers.  

Quick Facts
-clumping grass like foliage
-in Mexico, traditional flower used in wedding bouquets and arrangements.
-no longer seen in the wild
-goes dormant in the winter

*All photos are for reference purposes only. Plants do not normally come with flowers.
*It is common for there to be black spots on the leaves due to living outside in south FL. We see them during the hot humid weather and also sometimes in the winter after chilly nights. It is normal and does not indicate an unhealthy plant.
If you grow them in a different climate, the leaves should be spot-free once the new leaves emerge.

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