Philodendron joepii (6″ pot)


The joepii is a rare and exotic philodendron native to the tropical rainforests of South America. The long leaves are a gorgeous dark green with a glossy surface and prominent veins. It produces a tiny inflorescence (cluster of flowers) enclosed in a red, maroon or green spathe (a leaf that protects the flowers). The long, heart-shaped leaves can get up to 2′ wide and 1′ long. I recommend this plant to any Phil. lover living in a tropical climate to give this rare plant what it needs!

Ships in a 6″ pot. 

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This Philodendron is specifically native to the Serrania de la Macarena mountain range in Columbia. It grows in a very humid, consistently high temperature, high moisture level climate. Place in an area with very bright indirect sunlight, avoid direct sunlight or the plant will burn. Pot in a well draining, loose and airy soil mix so that the plant does not root rot. Even though these plants grow in a high moisture climate, they can still root rot and shouldn’t be overwatered. Water once the top few inches of soil have dried out. 

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