Phalaenopsis amboinensis ‘Wilson’ (3″ pot)


A beautiful Phal. orchid that is native to eastern Indonesia. Flowering in succession, the colors are a rich burgundy with peeks of  yellow underneath, giving off a spectacular musk fragrance. They are easy to grow and can flower twice a year once they are mature!

Ships in a 3″ pot. Does not come with flowers, but is blooming size.

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This variety of Phalaenopsis is easy to grow, they need some humidity and a semi-shaded area or indirect sunlight- just enough for them to grow but too much will burn them, too little and they won’t produce flowers. If they’re set in a place where the morning sun catches them but they are mostly shaded for the rest of the day, they’ll be right at home. These plants can be kept in a potting mix like moss or bark. Moss will keep them moist for longer, making watering them close to once every 12-14 days. Bark won’t retain as much water, so they would need watered more like once a week or so. If you live in a dry climate, watering may need to be doubled. These plants will root rot, so don’t pot in normal soil.

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