Petrea volubilis ‘Alba’ -White Queen’s Wreath Vine (email for availability)

A rare white-flowering Petrea, also known as Queen’s Wreath vine, presents a graceful appearance against a backdrop of lush green leaves. As the vine grows and climbs, its thin parts create an elegant design, making whatever it’s climbing look charming and almost magical.

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Since Petrea volubilis is a vine, it will need some form of support to climb. Provide a arbor, or other support structure for it to climb on. White Queen’s Wreath Vine can grow anywhere from 15 to 40 feet tall, however, its growth may be somewhat restrained in cooler climates or when grown in containers. The vine can spread quite widely, especially if left unpruned. Petrea volubilis prefers warm temperatures and high humidity. It can tolerate a range of temperatures but will suffer in cold or frosty conditions.

FAMILY : Verbenaceae
ORIGIN : Mexico/Central or South America
MATURE SIZE : varies based on care
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : partial shade to full sun
MIN. TEMP. : 60°F

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