Paphiopedilum venustum var. alba (2″ pot)


This Paph. has a really cool display of diverse patterns that create such an eye-catching contrast. The silver and green patterned foliage itself is just stunning, the pattern it makes reminds me of a camoflauge or snake skin. The flower displays a veiny, brain-like labellum with striped petals and sepals, as well as a multi-pattern column and throat in shades of greens, yellow and a little bit of white. The petals are striped horizontally in green and yellow, where as the dorsal sepal is striped vertically in green and white. The center of the orchid has multiple patterns that make it look like a mouth and brain. An awesome, unique and unusual orchid to add to a collection or displayed to shine on its own!

Ships in a 2″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Interestingly, this Paph. species is an important parent to some of the mottled leaf hybrids that we see today! It thrives in bright indirect light and or bright shade, keep it out of direct sunlight or you risk burning the plant to a crisp. This a warm to cool growing orchid that enjoys medium to high humidity. It should be watered when the medium has started to dry or just before, it likes moisture but doesn’t appreciate sogginess. Pot in a well-draining chunky soil mix or mount it to something! Monitor this plant for mealy bugs. 

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