Pachypodium saundersii – Kudu Lily

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This is an interesting caudex or caudiciforms succulent perfect for containers. This hardy tropical plant is related to the Desert Rose and is also very easy to grow. This is a dwarf or miniature species that produces white with lavender flowers.

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Pachypodiums are types of ‘Madagascar Palms’, although this species does not get large like the P. lamerii. They produce fat trunks that are very unusual in shape and color. They do have thorns on the trunk and branches, although the P. saundersii doesn’t have many and/or are not as sharp as other species. The leaves are small, green, narrow and they fully drop in the winter time. New foliage sprouts back in the spring. This species produces white flowers with a touch of pink which are quite lovely especially for this weird looking plant. Pachypodiums like to be grown outside in full sun and require little water. We water them rarely in the winter time. They may also make good indoor plants if you have a lot of light, although we do not have experience with this. They can take freezing temperatures for a short period of time, although if you have a special, old plant, I would still protect it if possible. They do not require any trimming and I would avoid doing so.

FAMILY : Apocynaceae
ORIGIN : South Africa
TYPE/USES : potted succulent, cactus gardens or small containers
MATURE SIZE : 2′ – 3′
GROWTH RATE : a little slow
WATER REQUIREMENTS : keep mostly dry
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s for short periods of time
FLOWER : late summer on mature plants, white with touches of pink

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