Opuntia cochenillifera f. variegata (4″ pot) – Variegated Nopal Cactus


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This is a beautiful and attractive variegated form of the Nopal cactus. It’s an easy to grow tropical succulent or cactus recommended for beginners. It has thick light green with dark green mottled leaves.

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Opuntia cochenillifera f. variegata is a beautiful, rare and variegated form of the Nopal cactus. It has fleshy, flattened pads that have an incredibly distinctive yellowish-green on green variegation. Like other Nopal cactus, this plant produces a red-magenta flower throughout the spring and summer months. Older specimens develop a bark-like, woody skin at the base of the plant. This cactus can be easily grown in pots in bright shaded locations, but can also be planted outside in frost free areas where it’ll reach a height around 8′ to 10′. As with most cacti, this species requires a very well-draining soil. Grittier and richer soil is preferable. Do not overwater, this plant only requires a small amount of water to thrive. This species thrives in full sun to filtered light. These easy requirements make this an exceptional plant for beginners.


FAMILY : Cactaceae
ORIGIN : Mexico
Cactus and succulents
Up to 4 feet tall, and 20 inches wide (8 to 10 feet if outside in frost free areas)
: Full sun to filtered light
: Keep dry
Mid 30’s
Red-magenta flowers bloom mid spring, late spring, and early summer

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