Oncidium / Trichocentrum morenoi (mounted/email us for availability)


This Oncidium is a small sized warm to hot growing orchid native to southeast Brazil, Peru and Bolivia in dry tropical forests. The orchid has red speckled leaves that hint at colors of orange and yellow. The flowers, yellow and white, are small and fragrant, densely covering the inflorescence. They bloom in the Spring and Summer. This is such a beautiful orchid that does very well in a hanging basket or mounted to something, enjoying lots of warmth and likes to be dried out in between watering.

Ships mounted. Does not come with flowers. Please email us your zip code if you are interested.

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This orchid does wonderfully mounted with a little bit of sphagnum moss wrapped around the roots for moisture retention. Make sure to dry out before watering and give it plenty of bright indirect sunlight so it can bloom every season for you. 

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