Oncidium limminghei – Psychopsiella (mounted)


Found only in Brazil in evergreen montane forests, this small yellow and orange orchid blooms frequently. It is beautiful with patterns of spots and stripes on the petals and sepals as well as spotted leaves. It has a large lip and is waxy in texture. Each spike produces as many as 5 flowers once mature. This orchid is suitable for a terrarium.

Ships mounted. Does not come with flowers. If out of stock, please email us with your zip code for availability.

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This Oncidium loves warm temperatures, high humidity throughout the year and bright filtered light. Direct sun will burn the plant. It can be potted in a loose, very well draining substrate, but does very well mounted to a piece of cork. If mounted, it requires high humidity year round and needs to be watered daily. It likes to stay moist, watered abundantly during growing months and much less in the Winter. Don’t leave it completely dry for more than a week in Winter. Strong air movement is required. Fertilize during active growth. 

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