Ochna integerrima – Yellow Mai flower – Hoa Mai – Mai Vang Plant (single flower) (6″ pot)


An unusual slow-growing medium shrub or tree. The trunk ranges between 2 – 6 inches in diameter and can grow straight or twisted. This plant is known to be a very popular ornamental plant grown in the gardens of east Asia. They cut the beautiful, yellow flowers and use them in the New Year festivities where they are seen as a symbol of good luck.

Ships in a 6″ pot. Does not come with flowers, but is mature to bloom.

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Ochna integerrima – A beautiful easy to grow plant used for its symbolism of good luck in East Asia during the New year festivities. Due to the timing of the yellow flowers of this plant, it is often purchased bonsai style during Tết (short for Tết Nguyên Đán which also means Spring Festival, Lunar New Year, or Vietnamese Lunar New Year). It is said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who see and grow this tree. During the wintertime, this plant is covered with an abundant number of bright, pretty, yellow flowers. Slowly following the flowers, you will find vibrant red sepals that bring glossy, little blackberries. The plant is relatively cold hardy. It is often collected by Bonsai growers since it can conform to smaller, shallow pots and form fascinating, neat branches and trunks. This variety of Ochna differs by having wider leaves, that bear bristles at the margins rather than narrow, small toothed leaves such as the Ochna serrulata.


FAMILY: Ochnaceae
ORIGIN: Vietnam, East Asia, Thailand
10 – 16 inches tall
Bright indirect light
45 – 90 degrees F.
February – April

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