Nephrolepis acutifolia – Sword Fern – Ladder Fern (6″ hanging basket)


This is an impressive, rare tropical fern for collectors. The fronds or leaves can reach a length of 20 feet with age.

Ships in 6″ hanging basket.

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Nephrolepsis acutifolia is one of the most impressive tropical ferns there is. When they are young, they resemble a common Boston fern, but as the fern matures, the fronds will keep getting longer, reaching lengths up to 20′. This Costa Rica native fern will need shade and sheltered conditions. The soil has to be very porous, drain well, and have to be kept a little on the moist side. Fertilize once a month with a liquid fertilizer. N. acutifolia will tolerate temperatures near freezing for short periods of time with no signs of damage.

All pictures were taken of our mother plants, not of the plants for sale.

We were previously selling as N. pendulum, N. pendula, and N. cordifolia, but have realized that N. acutifolia seems to be the correct ID. This is NOT the common, aggressive spreading fern described under N. pendula.
N. auctifolia that we are selling is a rare fern.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 24 in
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