Microsorum punctatum ‘Dragon’s Whiskers’ – Elkhorn Fern (Email for availability)

This is a variety of elkhorn fern with unique leaf tips that curl and spiral in all directions, resembling dragon whiskers. The ‘whiskers’ get thinner and whispier toward the tips of the foliage. The leaf stalk is darker in color, creating a veiny appearance as the foliage splits into ‘whiskers’. It displays as the perfect house plant, enjoying indirect light, warm temperatures, moisture and humidity. I recommend this to a foliage lover. 

Please email us with your zip code for availability. 


This is a slower grower, preferring indirect light, humidity, and moist conditions. Soil mix should be well draining and able to hold onto some moisture. If growing in the ground, this should be done in a warm climate. In cold climates it makes a great house plant or grown in containers, making it easy to protect from frost in cold months. Fertilize during active growth.

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