Manihot esculenta ‘Variegata’ – Variegated Tapioca (4″ pot) (coming this spring)


The stunning foliage on this tropical shrub brightens the garden with large, deeply lobed palmate leaves with bright green and yellow variegation.

Ships in 4″ pot.

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The boldy variegated foliage starts reddish – pink then as it matures they turn into exotic gold, cream & green variegated leaves with pink branches coming off the trunk. This plant’s creamy yellow markings do not fade. It looks good in containers or in garden beds, and you can use it in the foreground or as a focal point in distant plantings. Variegated tapioca attains a height and width of 3 to 4 feet. The tubers (roots) are also edible when cooked. Whether you call it cassava, tapioca, manioc or yuca, it’s the same great taste!

FAMILY : Euphorbiaceae
ORIGIN : South America
SIZE : 7′-12′
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : Full sun to filtered light
MIN. TEMP. : Low 30’s
FLOWER : Warmer months

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