Jasminum sambac ‘Mysore Mulli’ – Arabian Jasmine (4″ pot)


As a member of the jasmine family, this beautiful variety is an everbloomer with fragrant white flowers for your home and garden. Perfect house plant, since it takes on either sun or shade. It has come to be known as the most reliable bloomer of all sambacs. 

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Mysore Mulli is a fast growing variety producing white, small sized double flowers.  Although pale green, sometimes yellowish leaves are not the best part of the plant, the flowers are the most profuse and very strongly perfumed. In Hawaii they call it pikake, and it’s used for giving jasmine tea its flavor, as well as using it to make perfumes. This plant can be grown as a vine or a dense shrub. As a vining shrub, it will grow rapidly requiring constant pruning to keep compact shape. If you let it go – the plant will grow into a large vine. Although it will tolerate some shade, it will produce fewer blooms in such environment. However, when providing warm and bright light conditions, this plant will bloom practically all year round.


FAMILY: Oleaceae
ORIGIN: India, Iran
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Full sun to semi-shade
WATER REQUIREMENTS: Keep on dry side, water when soil is dry
FLOWER: Double 1” white fragrant flowers, blooms all year round provided full sun and warmth

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