Jacaranda mimosifolia alba – White Jacaranda (on request)

This is a rare grafted tropical flowering tree that produces white flowers. Jacarandas are normally seen with purple flowers. Collector plant.

Very limited availability. E-mail us with zip code if interested and we can check latest availability.
We are only able to offer a few grafted plants per year.


This is a very rare form of Jacaranda that gets pure white flowers.
It will grow in full to partial sun and it can reach about 20′ on average.
Flowers normally appear in early Spring. This is a tropical tree.
The grafting process insures the right variety and early flowering.
This is very rare to see for sale.

We are able to only offer a few trees per year. Please be sure to be on our waiting list.

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Weight 18 lbs
Gardino Nursery