Jacaranda jasminoides – Purple Flower Jacaranda (email for waitinglist)


This is a different Jacaranda with a more unusual shade of purple flowers. They are a deep purple with a hint of maroon and are a gorgeous bell shape, growing in clusters. They flower on and off throughout the warm season. This tropical flowering tree is hard to find, especially a grafted plant. Nice tree for collectors.

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This tree loves a sunny spot and watered once the top few inches of soil have dried up. Pot in a potting soil with a bit of drainage, adding perlite to the soil makes this easy. Once mature, it will show off its beautiful clusters of purple bell flowers all throughout the Spring and Summer. 

FAMILY : Bignoniaceae
ORIGIN : Brazil, Bolivia
TYPE/USES : evergreen shrub or small tree
MATURE SIZE : up to 15′
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full to partial sun
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s
FLOWER : most of the year once mature

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