Ilex paraguariensis – Yerba mate (6″ pot) (will need a hard trim to fit in a box)


Beginning as a shrub, this sub tropical plant grows into a tree. It is native to south America, exported all over the world today. The leaves are harvested for their high caffeine content, vitamins and minerals and brewed as a delicious tea. It blooms in late Fall/early Winter and the small flowers are mildly fragrant. 

Ships in a 1gallon pot (6″ pot).

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This plant should be grown  in a warm environment, whether a home, greenhouse or tropical/subtropical climate, it should be protected from freezing temperatures. Pot in well draining soil, give it plenty of bright indirect sunlight and provide medium to high humidity and it will flourish. Water once the top few inches of soil have dried, it enjoys moisture but should not be soaking wet all the time. 

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