Hydnophytum formicarum – Ant Plant (email us for availability)

This is an unusual, tropical, caudex forming plant. The fat trunk can be a shelter for ants. This is an interesting plant for collectors in search of weird plants.

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An unsual plant known as the “ant plant.” Ant plants are epiphytes in nature, but can also be grown in a pot in sphagnum moss fiber or orchid bark mix. The plant forms an interesting hollow caudex which is a perfect nest for ants. The ants protect the plant and in return the ants get a nice shelter and sap. The plant has small white flowers and little orange berries. It likes bright light, high humidity, and average water. It is a tropical plant, avoid freezing temperatures. Very interesting plant that forms an unusual caudex. It is a slow grower and takes a while to form the nice caudex and is not very easy to find. Great for collectors! *ants not included 😉

FAMILY : Rubiaceae
ORIGIN : South East Asia
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : bright filtered light
MIN. TEMP. : avoid freezing temperatures
FLOWER : flowers (white) and fruits (orange)

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 18 in
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