Hoya padangensis (2.5″ pot) (check back later)


This Hoya produces unusual, unique, and interesting flowers when mature. The leaves are also cool; light green and can develop some dark green splotches and some silver flecks. Recommended for someone with limited space and that likes neat Hoyas. Uncommon. 

Ships in 2.5″ pot. You will be receiving one plant similar to the ones in the photos. Please keep in mind that this Hoya always has some funky looking leaves. If you tend to panic if a leaf is wonky or not perfect then this may not be one for you. Otherwise a really cool Hoya.
We grow our plants outside in FL; blemishes/imperfections are always present on this species in my climate.

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This Hoya is named after its habitat which is Padang Pandjang, Sumatra. It is sometimes also sold as Hoya uncinata. This hoya has small to medium size leaves. The leaves have some flecks and the leaves get a rosy color when exposed to more light. This seems to be a small hoya that would be good for people with limited space. This hoya gets really unusual/different flowers! First, this hoya doesn’t take a long time to bloom which is really great and it also is a good bloomer once it starts! The corolla is pale pink with a touch of brown especially on the tips. The corona is light yellow and stands up like a tiara, really popping out. The petals of the flowers fold sideways forming a tube. It is weird, but makes this Hoya really unique. I would also describe the flowers as cute, small, and have a mild fragrance. We grow our hoyas outside in filtered light, keep soils slightly dry and protect from cold temperatures.

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