Hoya lobbii (3″ pot)


This unique Hoya produces unusual red and purple flowers on mature plants. The leaves are interesting and the flowers have a wow factor. 

Ships in 3″ pot. Photo #2 ONLY, is an example on size plant for sale. 
The leaves always have some yellow in them, please only buy if you understand. Check out all photos for a reference. All other photos taken from mother plant only.

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This is a non-twining species with an unique growing habit that may look better on a little trellis. It has succulent green lanceolate leaves that sometimes develop in pairs. The leaves sometimes have some yellow to them but it seems to be normal for me. The leaves also sometimes develop silver flecks

Once established, this unique species will reward you with stunning flowers. This clone has pinkish red corollas and dark purple or maroon coronas. My mother plant bloomed after about one year from a small plant. The flowers also last over a week and have a mild but sweet fragrance. A frequent bloomer for me once mature.

This Hoya grows really fast for me and enjoys the heat and humidity. May need humidity in order to bloom frequently/bloom early.

Hoyas require filtered light/bright shade and to be kept a little on the dry side. Protect from temperatures in the 50’s F and colder. Our hoyas are grown outside in south FL year round.

All photos were taken of our mature mother plants, not the young plants for sale.

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