Hoya cv. Rachel (2.5″ pot)


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Adorable lavender/pink flowers with nice fragrance. Great bloomer once established. Rarely offered.

Ships in 2.5″ pot. You will receive one plant similar in size to the ones in the photos. Does not have flowers.

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This hoya is said to be a cross between Hoya lacunosa ‘Langkawi Island’ and Hoya obscura.
Hoya cv. Rebecca is its sister! 
This is a non-stop bloomer for me during the warm months. It was also an early bloomer for me.
The flowers smell really nice and are super cute fuzzy pinkish/lavender balls. The same plant does bloom in the fall with very pale pink (almost white) flowers due to the cold weather. This can happen with a lot of Hoyas depending on weather conditions.
I would recommend this Hoya to a beginner.
We grow our Hoyas outside in filtered light, allow soils to dry out before watering, and protect from cold temperatures.

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