Hoya archboldiana x onychoides (4″ pot)


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This tropical succulent wax flower produces spectacular, large, very fragrant, dark pink flowers when mature. This hybrid produces one of the largest individual flowers in the genus.

Ships in 4″ pot. You will receive one plant similar in size to the ones in the photos. Does not have flowers. May have some imperfections/light yellow leaves.

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This is an Ed Gilding hybrid. The leaves are long and narrow. It resembles the leaves on the H. archboldiana, but not quite as big. It has very dark green, glossy leaves and the leaf tips are abruptly acute. The new growth is a brownish/red color like the parent H. archboldiana.
Once a mature vine, this hybrid produces spectacular large dark pinkish red flowers that last a long time. The impressive flowers are slightly claw-like, like the parent H. onychoides. It usually flowers with five flowers on average in an umbel, but the clusters are as large as your hand! The flowers are also very fragrant at night! A rarely offered hoya due to being slow from cuttings.
We grow our hoyas outside in south FL in filtered light, they only get watered once they are drying out, and they are well protected during the cold months.

All photos were taken of my mature mother plants, not the plants for sale.

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