Hoya aff. pentaphlebia (4″ pot) (some imperfections)


Very appealing cordate shaped leaves. Yellow flowers when mature that have a citrus fragrance. This species is an early bloomer in a tropical climate.

Ships in 4″ pot. Photo #2 and #3 ONLY, are an example on size plant for sale.
Our plants are grown outside in FL, imperfections/blemishes are typical for this one.

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I purchased this Hoya from overseas as H. pentaphlebia. When I received it, the leaves were very different and I thought oops this must be something else. I waited about a year to see the flowers and lo and behold, flowers nearly identical to H. pentaphlebia! 
The blooms may be a little bit smaller than the original, but they are yellow blooms with the same wonderful citrus scent.
The leaves are very appealing, honestly I like them more than the original. Beautiful cordate shaped green leaves with white veins.

We grow our hoyas outside in south FL in filtered light, we water only when they start to get dry, and we protect very well from cold temperatures.

All pictures were taken previously of our mature mother plants, not the plants for sale.

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