Gardenia thunbergia – Wild Gardenia (6″ pot)


This is a rarely offered and different tropical Gardenia that grows into a large shrub or small tree. The large white flowers on this plant are heavily perfumed and fragrant, especially at night. It has unusually small crinkly dark green leaves. It is slow growing and does best in full or part sun. 

Ships in 6″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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This Gardenia that produces large, showy, fragrant flowers with spreading petals has a scent that intensifies at night. The plant can produce hundreds of these large flowers. It grows in forests in the Eastern Cape, Natal and Transkei in South Africa. Young plants require protection from frost but mature plants can take as low as 25 degrees F. The fruit produced is egg-shaped, hard and woody and instead of dropping, the fruit can remain on the bush for years if an antelope doesn’t get to it first. Elephants and buffalo also enjoy the fruit. The roots are known to be used in Africa to treat skin diseases and fevers. 

FAMILY : Rubiaceae
ORIGIN : South Africa
 large shrub or small tree
6′ – 8′
: full to partial sun
: average
 high 20’s to low 30’s F once mature
 very fragrant, flowers are produced through most of the year, but more so in the warmer months

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