Erythrina speciosa – Coral Tree (4″ pot/may have some imperfections)


This is a highly ornamental deciduous tree native to Brazil that is rare in cultivation. They display a stunning color of red and the waxy flower petals have a really cool shape hook shape, blooming on bare branches in Winter. The foliage wakes back up in the Spring. It is a stunning tree that is fun to watch change forms as the year goes. Very drought tolerant and thrives in warm conditions.

Ships in a 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers. Goes dormant in the winter. May ship with imperfections due to the nature of this plant.

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This tree grows in tropical and subtropical climates, although it can survive short periods of temperatures barely below freezing, it should be protected from freezing temperatures. A position in full sun to part sun is best. Water once the soil has dried out, this tree is very drought tolerant and does not like to be sitting in water all the time. The tree grows up to 12′ tall but when grown in the ground can get a little bit taller. Hummingbirds pollinate this tree. 

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