Dramm 400 Water Breaker and Shut-Off Valve Combo


Proper watering requires a good nozzle, but, it also requires a way to control the flow. These are both met with this great water breaker and valve combination. 

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With 400 tiny holes, the 400 Water Breaker provides fast, gentle, full-flow watering without damage to your plants. It features a guaranteed durable nozzle made from unbreakable Cycolac plastic and a disc made of stainless steel. The QAV Shut-Off Valve is designed as a high-quality, lower-cost valve that allows for easy on and off of the water flow as well as the ability to restrict the flow when necessary. It uses a unique, patent-pending design to improve strength and quality while reducing assembly labor. Simply attach the nozzle to the complementary shut-off valve, and the valve to the end of your hose to water delicate soil, tender plants, and seedlings.

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