Deplanchea tetraphylla – The Golden Bouquet Tree (4″ pot)


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Deplanchea tetraphylla  is a tropical plant native to the Western lands of Australia all the way to the lands of New Guinea. In its blooming seasons of early spring and late winter, it chooses to bloom stunning and unique yellow flowers that bloom repeatedly throughout its flourishing season. 

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Deplanchea tetraphylla is a colossal plant that can grow up to 66 feet in its suitable environment. The Deplanchea tetraphylla, also known as the golden bouquet tree, is originally from the western hemisphere from the regions of Australia, New Guinea, and the Tropics of Queensland. When expose to the light, the lower regions of the testraphylla display an orange brown stem with leaves around 1.2 cm wide. This plant blooms big gorgeous yellow flowers late winter and early spring. Deplanchea tetraphylla actually blooms these recognizable flowers several times throughout its blooming season. To maintain it usually takes average watering and moderate light to full sun exposure. Does not respond well to flooding and is sensitive to cold prone conditions.