Dendrobium speciosum (3″ pot)


This orchid is native to the East coast of Australia growing on rocks, the base of cliffs and open forests. They bloom in the spring producing fragrant flowers in an array of colors from pastel lime green and yellow cream shades to white! As the plant matures, the flowering stem can hold up to 200 flowers! It is quite the breathtaking display. 

Ships in a 3″ pot. Does not come with flowers. If out of stock, please email us with your zip code for availability.

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This orchid can flower anywhere from early May, in August and October and as late as November. It thrives in bright indirect light, avoid direct light because it will scorch the plant. During the growing season when there is active new growth, it is the best time to water well and often. The best time for fertilizer is during this period of active new growth. After the new growth has matured, only water once the potting soil is completely dry. Provide some humidity and air circulation. For potting soil, this orchid will thrive with a few options.. For potting, pot in a mixture of orchid bark, perlite and charcoal. It is a lithophyte, so it can even be potted in rocks with some kind of organic material like sphagnum or orchid bark. Being an epiphyte, it does well mounted on a piece of wood or mounted on a tree branch with plenty of filtered bright light. Protect from frost, it will defoliate and take years to bounce back.

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