Dendrobium chrysotoxum (email us for availability)


A beautiful, delicate, small sized orchid native to Southeast Asia, specifically found in China, India, Nepal and Thailand. This orchid can grow to be a remarkable plant with quite a large number of flowers. They grow great in pots and baskets but can also be mounted if they are small enough. Blooming beautiful orange-yellow-colored flowers with serrated like edges, this orchid is one of a kind and perfect to add your orchid collection.

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Dendrobium chrysotoxum, also known as The Golden Dendrobium is a small sized epiphyte orchid. They can range in size from 3” to 12”. They bloom starting in the winter season and go through the spring season. The buds appear from the nodes near the crown of the pseudobulb. The blooms are a golden yellow – orange-colored flower that cluster in large amounts and each flower become about 5 cm in diameter. The blooms are short lived but very fragrant with a honey like scent. The petals vary in size and shape, with the outer petals being more rounded and the inner petal edges being a bit serrated. The lip is almost perfectly round, curled, and velvety to touch. High levels of light are tolerable especially in the morning time but they do the best in bright indirect light. They can be grown in baskets or pots however if they are smaller, they can be mounted as well.


FAMILY: Orchidaceae
ORIGIN: Southeast Asia
3 – 11” tall
Bright indirect light
55 – 75 degrees F.
Winter – spring

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