Dendrobium lindleyi (D. aggregatum) (3″ pot)


D. aggregatum is a beautiful compact, epiphyte orchid species. They have gorgeous, showy, delicate flowers which bloom from thin inflorescences in a hanging position. Each pendant can carry up to 30 flat rounded golden-yellow 2” flowers. The flowers are very fragrant and give off a honey-like scent.

Ships in 3″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Dendrobium aggregatum – a compact orchid, native to Northeast India, Southeast Asia, and Thailand, they can be found in the woods mounted on rootstocks or growing on tree ferns. With their natural habit being similar they are great orchids to be mounted with sphagnum moss on the bark. However, if you do plan to mount them it’s best to ensure sufficient humidity can be maintained year-round. If not, they also do great in pots or baskets with loose, fast-drying planting medium, just make sure the pot or basket is big enough to fit the root ball. They have beautiful, showy, delicate flowers which bloom from thin inflorescences in a hanging position. The flowers give off faint beeswax, or honey-like scent in the early morning, early evening time. Each inflorescences pendant can carry up to 30 flat-faced, rounded golden- to yellow-orange 1”-2” flowers. Depending on the humidity and temperature the flowers can last from a week to a month and with the color getting darker as the flowers age. You can expect the flower spikes to start to appear from the pseudobulb in the later winter, but by mid-spring, the plant will be completely surrounded by gorgeous golden-yellow flowers. Once the inflorescences dry up, they should be cut off as they will not rebloom. The right growing conditions will need to be bright light year-round with warm temperatures during the growing season. Blooming is dependent on receiving the right amount of light. They also like to have dry winter for several weeks to a few months to ensure they bloom.


FAMILY: Orchidaceae
ORIGIN: Thailand, Northeast India, and Southeast Asia
10 – 16 inches tall
Bright indirect light
45 – 90 degrees F.

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