Costus vargasii – Spiral Ginger ‘Raspberry Yogurt’ (Email for availability)


The name refers to the colorful raspberry colored stem, but that’s not the only colorful thing about this Spiraling Ginger. The leaves are dark green, long and glossy with velvety deep purple undersides. The inflorescence is a vivid red with tight bracts and bold yellow flowers. The butterflies love to drink the nectar from the flowers.

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This ginger spirals, circling as it grows and can get up to 6 feet tall! It enjoys bright indirect light and can grow in part shade, no direct afternoon sun though or it will scorch the plant. It can be grown as a house plant indoors or outside. Pot in rich, nutrient dense soil and water once the top few inches of soil has dried. Water less in cooler months, and protect from freezing temperatures. 

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