Coelogyne multiflora (email for availability)


Coelogyne multiflora naturally grows low in forests on fallen trees. This species displays long, big clusters of flowers that smell of fresh cut ginger, blooming in the Fall and Winter. One inflorescence is around 10-18″ long and holds over 380 flowers and even more with maturity. The flowers are a gorgeous white that sparkles when the light hits it, displayed along with yellow and red accents on the labellum and in the throat. Foliage sits upright and the inflorescences curl downward, eventually hanging straight down. 

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Place in a bright indirectly lit spot with some humidity. Keep the soil slightly moist, allowing the medium to dry slightly in between watering. For a potting medium, I recommend using a sphagnum and bark mixture. you want something with excellent drainage that still retains some moisture. Overwatering can lead to root rot. When fertilizing, use a low concentration fertilizer year round. If you’re opting for an organic option, just mix in some compost with your sphagnum bark mix. Protect from freezing temperatures. 

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