Clowesia rosea (3″ pot) (dormant)


This is a warm to cool growing Clowesia that produces a creamy rosey pink flower with whispy detailing on the petals and labellum that sparkle so much they almost look crystalized. The labellum is green and yellow with a touch of reddish orange in the throat. If you have a flower collection, this is one to add. 

Ships in 3″ pot. Dormant during the cold months.

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Place in a position with bright indirect light, avoid direct sunlight. Keep the medium evenly moist, but not soggy. When the species loses its leaves in the Fall, do not water the plant until the new growth has established some roots. Pot in a medium that is well draining but retains some moisture. This plant needs plenty of nutrients to thrive, make sure not to feed when the new growth is still establishing roots. Protect from freezing temperature.

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