Clowesia amazonica (email for availability)


This species is so unique and cool, found in Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil in the Amazon region! It bears creamy white flowers with light green veining throughout the petals, sepals and labellum. The edges of the labellum is very frilly, they look kind of like tiny crystals. The throat patterns small dots of red. the flowers come in dense clusters and can reach strikingly large clusters with maturity. 

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This is a hot to warm growing epiphyte that can be grown in containers. You want a potting soil that is chunky for excellent drainage that will hang onto some moisture. Allow the medium to lightly dry in between watering, keeping it slightly moist at all times. Give the plant a dry period in the cold months. Medium to high humidity is recommended for optimal growth and make sure there is adequate air circulation, this will help keep the plant from root rot. Fertilize when there is active growth only. Protect from freezing temperatures.  

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