Chloroleucon tortum – Brazilian Rain Tree (6″ pot) (may ship pruned back)


This tropical tree is great Bonsai material and is normally kept small in containers. It forms crooked stems and branches and gets a peeling grayish bark.

Ships in 6″ plastic nursery pot. May ship pruned back.
***We do not sell finished Bonsai trees in Bonsai pots. This is a regular plant that you can make into a Bonsai or grow as a regular tree. The Bonsai plants in the pictures are an example of what you can do.

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Synonym: Pithecellobium tortum 
All pictures are for reference purposes only. The first three pictures are part of Erik Wigert’s Bonsai collection and were taken at Wigert’s Bonsai Nursery in Florida.

Brazilian Rain Tree is great Bonsai material. It forms crooked stems and branches and gets a peeling grayish bark. It has compound leaves with 3 pairs of bi-pinnate leaves. The plant does have thorns. It also gets white powder puff type flowers that are fragrant AND attract butterflies! This can be grown as a medium size tree in tropical locations as well. It needs to receive a lot of direct sunlight and requires average water and fertilizer. Avoid freezing temperatures.

FAMILY : Mimosaceae
ORIGIN : Brazil
 kept small as a Bonsai tree
 more or less 15′ tall, 18′ wide
: full sun
: average
low 30’s
spring / attracts butterflies

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