Cattleya tigrina/Cattleya leopoldii (6″ pot)


This orchid is native to Brazil inhabiting coastal swamps. The contrast between the purples on this orchid create a stunning display. The shiny petals and sepals are a brown hue of dark purple that have clusters of spots in an even darker shade of purple. A pastel colored column and glow-y maroon labellum show out against the darker colors. The large flowers have a warm sweet and spicy fragrance, blooming in Spring and Summer. This is an easy grower and is a wonderful plant for anyone!

Ships in a 6″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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The Cattleya tigrina, since it inhabits swamps, should be grown in sphagnum moss and orchid bark for moisture retention. The medium should lightly dry out in between watering. They thrive in very bright indirect light and humidity, without enough of either they will drop leaves, however direct sunlight will burn the plant. 

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