Cattleya harrisoniana (check back in summer)


This beautiful Cattleya is native to Brazil, naturally growing as a lithophyte on rocks in humid swampy areas. It makes for a beautiful mounted specimen, and is easily grown in pots as well. Blooming in late Summer, the flowers are lightly fragrant and long lasting. The purple and yellow is quite beautiful together. 

Please check back in May 2023.

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Place in bright indirect light, this plant needs plenty of light to bloom each year. Keep it in a warm area and away from freezing temperatures. 70-85% humidity is recommended for optimal growth, good air circulation is a must to keep the roots drying properly and the leaves nice and cool. Pot in a chunky medium that dries fast and drains well, something like a mix of orchid bark, perlite and charcoal is good. Let the medium dry completely in between watering. 

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