Cattleya guttata


If you love speckled flowers, this is one to add to the collection. The green petals and sepals are full of tiny red/brown speckles, spreading gradually more dense toward the edges. The lip is white and purple, accenting the petals and sepals beautifully, harboring a scent that is mildly sweet and floral. They bloom in late Summer and early Autumn from a dried sheath. 

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Place in a position where there is plenty of bright indirect sunlight. Cattleyas need plenty of light to bloom each year. Pot in a chunky airy soil mix that drains well and dries fast. Let the medium dry out in between watering. This species goes through a dry period in the Winter, make sure to water very little to none. Guttatas grow tall getting up to 4′. It can also grow on rocks as a lithophyte and is beautiful mounted. Protect from freezing temperatures, this is a warm growing orchid. 

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