Cattleya aclandiae (3″ pot)


Cattleya aclandiae is a compact, often described as a dwarf orchid which is native to Brazil. It’s a well sought after orchid due to its large waxy flowers and sweet fragrance. This Cattleya blooms flowers that are very unique; the petals are a green/yellowish color that have brownish – purple markings and spots (which are caused depending on the light they receive) and a large magenta lip.


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Cattleya aclandiae are found growing on tree limbs and trunks in their native country of Brazil especially in the state of Bahia where they are found in seasonally dry climates near permanent bodies of water. The C. aclandiae are often referred to as compact, dwarf orchids because they only grow to be about 3 – 5 inches tall, making it a perfect orchid for growers and collectors who don’t have a ton of space available. Their upright, short, circular pseudobulbs have two leaves at the crown. They are always a well sought after dwarf growing Cattleya which bloom big, long lived, waxy, sweetly fragrant flowers. They have pretty greenish/yellow colored flowers, and depending on their exposure to sunlight the purple/chocolate brown spots which can be found on the petals will increase. They are very fragrant and require brighter light than most other Cattleya species to flower properly. Be sure to give them proper air circulation to protect the leaves from being sunburned. When new growth begins to show give them plenty of water, mist them daily during the summer with a good soak a couple times a week.


FAMILY: Orchidaceae
ORIGIN: Brazil
3 – 5 inches tall
Bright light
64 – 85 degrees F.

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