Catasetum schunkei (email for availability)

This Catasetum has gorgeous colorful red, cream and yellow flowers densely covered in red speckles. The flower is lightly, but pleasantly fragrant. Male or female flowers are produced depending on the conditions the plant grows in. I recommend this plant to an experienced gardener or a beginner looking for a challenge. 

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Catasetums enjoy bright light, they grow in full sun, although some shade should be provided especially in the heat of Summer. Humidity requirements range from 40-80%. Male and female flowers are produced depending on the amount of light and humidity the plant gets. Low light and higher humidity often induces production of male flowers, whereas high light and lower humidity often induces the production of female flowers. It is very important to note that when there is new growth, the plant does not like to be watered until well developed roots have formed on the new growth. If you skip this step you’ll risk killing your plant. Once the new growth is well established, give the plant plenty of water frequently. It rapidly grows during this period, so much that over the course of the next few months the plant will almost double in size. Keep the soil consistently moist and provide plenty of nutrients, watering about 2-3 times a week and fertilizing regularly. A well balanced full strength fertilizer is recommended. Protect from freezing temperatures. Soil requirements depend on the growing season. All around, coconut husk chips do exceptionally, just make sure the plant is not wet when new growth is establishing. Some people bare root when new growth is developing to ensure dryness. After new growth is established, some gardeners use sphagnum which works great for the growing season, allowing the gardener to water less frequently.

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