Calliandra brevipes ‘Pink Lilian’ – Brazilian Pink Powder Puff (4″ pot)


This not your average common Powder puff tree that is seen in everyone’s yard. This is a rare species native to Brazil. It has tiny dainty leaves making it very suitable for Bonsai. Can be kept small in a container or grown as a medium size tree in tropical locations.
Mature plants are quite a show when in full bloom.

Ships in 4″ plastic nursery pot. May ship pruned back. Does not come with flowers.

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Rare Brazilian powder puff species with the smallest leaves we have seen. Desirable for a Bonsai tree, but can also be kept as a shrub in a container or grown in the ground. We believe they can grow up to about 10 feet tall in the ground.
Pink puffy flowers can be seen on and off through out the year. Some of our mature plants develop hundreds of berry-like buds at one time. The plant is quite spectacular when in full bloom. The flowers also have a nice mild aroma during certain times of the day.

Grown outside in south Florida in full to partial sun. Appreciates regular watering, fertilization, and pruning. Protect from freezing.

All photos were taken of our mature mother plants in bloom, not of the plants for sale.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 24 in
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