Calathea orbifolia – (email for availability)


Calathea orbifolia is a prayer plant meaning its leaves fold up at night. It has beautiful round striped foliage that almost has a silvery hue when the light hits just right. The plant stays fairly compact, growing up to 3′ tall and 2′ wide, making it a perfect house plant or to take up a small area in the garden. 

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The plant grows at a moderate speed and will go through a dormancy period in the Winter. As long as the conditions are kept consistent, this plant is really easy to care for. Place in bright indirect light, direct light will burn and eventually kill the plant. The soil should be well draining as well as able to retain some moisture. Keep the soil slightly moist, make sure not to overwater or let the soil dry out completely- that may look like watering every other day or every few days depending on the rate of the soil drying. Watering should be reduced in the Winter, because the plant will not be drinking very much. For reference, the top few inches of soil can dry out in Winter, but make sure there’s some water at the bottom half of the pot- it won’t need very much very often during this time. Humidity is recommended, this plant enjoys medium to high humidity but will tolerate low humidity. Protect from freezing temperatures. 

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