Calathea Burle-Marxii ‘Blue Ice’ – Ice Blue Calathea (6″ pot)


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‘Blue Ice’ is a large wavy leaf tropical perennial grown for it’s colorful foliage and it’s stunning ice blue pine cone shaped inflorescences. ‘Blue Ice’ can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Ships in 1 gallon. (6″ pot).

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This is a rare Calathea from Brazil that produces one of the neatest and loveliest inflorescence. It is known as “Blue Ice” or “Ice Blue” because the brilliant white cone has a blueish hue in certain lighting. These stunning pale blue beauties are normally 5″-7″ long/tall and can be seen year round in tropical climates. The bracteate inflorescence develops below the leaves at the stem tips and they are long lasting. The actual flowers that emerge out of the pine-cone shaped inflorescence are pinkish/purple and white. The large leaves are light green and resemble a ginger, heliconia or even banana plant. This is a shade loving plant that likes a moist soil. It is a clumping type of plant that reaches a height of more or less 3′ tall. It can be grown in a container or in the ground in a tropical climate. Keep above 35 degrees F. Very nice addition to any tropical collection and a nice holiday gift for a tropical plant collector.