Bixa orellana – Lipstick Tree – Annatto – Achiote (4″ pot)


This unusual tropical flowering tree or compact shrub has attractive heart-shaped leaves and provides some winter color. The flowers are not very showy, but the red flamboyant, lychee-like seed-pod that follow are very flashy and beautiful. This is also a medicinal plant.

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not ship with flowers.

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Leaves are pretty and heart-shaped. Trees start blooming when small. The flowers are lavender to pale pink and not very showy. They usually last only one day, but continue to bloom during late summer and fall. The pastel flowers are followed by red flamboyant fruit that resembles lychee or even strawberries from a distance! This is a nice compact shrub that will provide winter color. The fruits are filled with seeds which are used as a natural food colorant and also can be used as a dye for clothing. The entire plant is also known to be used as medicine in some countries.

FAMILY: Bixaceae
ORIGIN: Tropical America
TYPE/USES: small evergreen tree or shrub
MATURE SIZE: up to 10′
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s for short periods
FLOWER: later summer, fall. red pods in winter

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