Bauhinia monandra – Napoleon’s plume – Pink Bauhinia (4″ pot)


This orchid tree displays beautiful flowers that are colored in whites, pale pinks and dark pinks with a splattered pink pattern on one of the petals. Each flowers harbors a single stamen. They pop up from the attractive curled foliage through Spring to early Summer, sometimes late Summer to early Fall. A very beautiful tree for those that love flowers.

Ships in 4″ pot.

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Reaching about 12′ in height, this tree thrives in full sun to part shade in a warm tropical/subtropical climate. Medium to high humidity is not needed but the plant will enjoy it. Water once the top few inches of soil have dried out before watering again and reduce watering in winter. Soil should be well draining, nutrient dense potting soil. The tree tolerates as low as 30 degrees F in short bursts, other wise protect from freezing. It will drop some or all leaves in the Winter. 

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