Artabotrys siamensis – Fragrant Ylang Ylang Vine (check back in Sept)

Also known as juicy fruit vine, this is a medium sized vine from Asia. They are easy to grow. The flowers start off green and slowly change to yellow, bringing with it a beautiful exotic fragrance. The flowers are used in tea and perfume. The leaves are a handsome dark green, long and veiny textured. This vine is easy to care for and will fill up a space beautifully!



This ylang ylang requires a lot of sunlight, around 80-100%. Full sun is often best in warm to cool climates, however in areas like Florida especially during the heat of Summer, it will enjoy some shade. Use a well-draining general potting mix, something like potting soil with perlite will do great. Good drainage and moderately moist soil is important. When the plant becomes root bound, it will grow slowly. When the roots have plenty of space, it will grow very fast. Protect from freezing.

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