Anthurium ‘Bintang Kejora’ (6″ pot) (rare)


This rare anthurium variant is an artistic attention magnet. It makes a great and unusual houseplant with its remarkable sky-reaching leaves and tangling aerial roots. It’s a perfect plant for those who love foliage.

Ships in 6″ pot.

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Anthurium ‘Bintang Kejora’ is a hard to find aroid. It’s sought out for its gorgeous elongated leaves that curl up and can resemble the look of a wine glass, and of course for its epiphytic tangley white roots. It’s usually grown for cut flowers, where the unusual leaves make a great contrast to the flowers in a bouquet but here we sell the plant because we think it’s beautiful. This is an easy to grow houseplant, suitable for beginners or anyone with a busy lifestyle.


FAMILY : Araceae
ORIGIN : Tropical Americas, Indonesia
MATURE SIZE : 2 to 3 ft
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : Moderate or medium light, shady
WATER REQUIREMENTS : Average water, not constantly wet
FLOWER : Every year, long-lasting flowers last up to 6 weeks. If light levels are too low however, growth rate will be slow to none.

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