Amorphophallus henryi – Henry’s Voodoo Lily (4″ pot)


This is a very unusual tropical aroid plant that gets an interesting inflorescence in the spring time. When it is not blooming and not dormant, it also has a very attractive speckled petiole. This is a weird plant for collectors, but also recommended for beginners as it has been known to be a pretty easy plant to grow.


Ships in a 4″ pot, does not come with flowers.

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Amorphophallus henryi is a unique plant native to Taiwan where they can be found growing in heavily to lightly shaded places such as forests and other areas with thin soil. Amorphophallus are a unique plant because they only bloom when they are mature and even so they don’t bloom every year. They grow from a bulb (also known as a tuber). The tuber alternates between producing a leaf or a flower each season. The flower is only produces once the tuber has conserved a sufficient amount of energy, (which could take up to 2- 3 years). Once it is in flower you can expect to see a singular glossy pale green ruffle edged leaf on the outside with violet-maroon color on the inside known as the spathe (an enclosed petal). You will also see a green and purple spadix (a flower spike with a plump stem) emerge from the center. Beware that the flower produced from this plant has a pretty unpleasant odor that stinks like rotting flesh which is used to attract its pollinators (usually flies if the plant is located outside); after the flower opens, the smell is usually only present for a few hours. After a successful pollination the female flowers develop into a 1” tall spike of some colorful berries ranging in a bluish-lilac color. Once the tuber has rested from flowering, you can then expect a speckled green petiole with white markings topped with a giant leaf. The foliage is also pretty unique for this plant as you may think it resembles a tree with multiple branches but it’s actually only one leaf. You’ll find the foliage emerging from mid-June through mid-September before the plant goes dormant again for the winter.


FAMILY: Araceae
ORIGIN: Taiwan
24 – 36” tall
Partial Shade/Filtered Light
68 – 85 degrees F.

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