Aloe ‘Firebird’ (2″ pot)


Aloe ‘Firebird’ is a super cute succulent with green foliage and small white spots or speckles. Blooms bright tangerine flowers borne on tall spikes. It is easy for beginners and can be grown as a houseplant if desired.

Ships in a 2″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Aloe ‘Firebird’ is a nice addition to your collection of plants. It is well known for its fleshy medium/deep green leaves with small white speckles. They have long narrow leaves that form into a loose rose formation. It’s an abundant bloomer, producing tall bloom stalks with bright tangerine/orange, tubular flowers. It also produces lots of new offsets around the base and can develop an impressive cluster. This type of succulent can be planted in garden beds with the proper temperature climates but can also be ideal for windowsills in the winter as they do not survive in a hard frost. They need sufficient amounts of sunlight, proper drainage, and to be occasionally watered to prevent rot. The ideal containers will have optimal drainage holes, and the ideal soil will be a well-draining, cactus/succulent mixture. Water thoroughly until the water runs out of the drainage hole (once every 5 -10 days) allowing the soil to fully dry before watering again.


FAMILY: Asphodelaceae
ORIGIN: Hybrid of Aloe descoingsii x Aloe thompsoniae
6” tall
Bright light
Low to average, allow to fully dry out before next watering
75 – 90 degrees F. 

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